Tuesday, December 13, 2005


I have been pondering a great many things here lately on of them is some of the qualities that I admire in people because I number of my friends have been so supportive in telling me during my recent challenges what they find so admirable about me. People just don't come out and say hey I admire this about you and some of it is just a little petty jealousy but in a strange fashion it is a form of admiration. But if we took the time to just stop and say hey there
Stephlys: I really admire they way you gather people around you. You have a light that draws people to you. You have an abundance of friends that all would travel the end of the world to see you or come to one of your gatherings. You found a way to get through college on your own by your self with your own gusto. Sybi : You will always be the big wheel on the Tri-cycle the leader and have people willing to go with you no matter what. Kenn: Your so grounded no matter what you stay there. Ron: No matter what you have THE SNAPPY Come back. Libby: Well now you somehow manage to not her get to you through it all you just deal with her and don't let it get your feathers in a ruffle. And well now I have to get back to work I am out of time not out of admirations.

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