Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My Song

I am still rolling over in my head the song track I will have laid over sky dive video. I am not going to do 'Free Falling' nor 'Jump'. I would love to find something great by a little indy artist or use something for one of my friends that writes music but nothing really sticks out.

I have a few in mind and as I listen to the radio I try to see if anything jumps out and screams pick me pick me.
This is what I am thinking

Pump up the Volume
It's A beautiful Day - R.E.M.
I can see Clearly Now

I thought about doing the the chart topper from when I was born but that is Edwin Stars 'WAR' so that is out. I am down to abotu a week and a half to make up my mind. I only have a few CDs and have never once downloaded a song ot MP3 I am not a music queen.

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