Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Just how much..

I often find myself doing the great internal debate about how much to pour out here. Once it is on the Internet it is here forever and ever.
How much of my life do I share? Do I talk about being in love , or pushing my over bearing Mother out of my life, do I share that fear of dying alone and how I am both excited and scared to death to go to this Middle School Reunion I have coming up?

I am not a writer. My English skills suck bricks. I am always sure my writer and English Grad friends are just dying to take a big RED pen to my blog and scream put a comma there.

There have been a number of things I have wanted to get off my chest. I am just not sure this is the place to do that. Why do you read a blog? I know there are some that share personal stories. They touch your heart , you can feel empathy for them you understand and have a personal connection to them. While blogs like " Things my Girlfriend and I argue about" and "Daddy Scratches" Are funny as hell. How great is my impact on the bloggistfear and the fact that my roommate can dispel the myth that all gay men are neat freaks and have awesome fashion sense. Becasue frankly Carl that white belt that you think is so cool. Ya it went out of style with my jazz shoes.

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