Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What is Parnormal?

I have been asked that question quite a bit lately. The first few times it threw me off. Not like when someone ask you with all seriousness who is George Clooney? More like when the ask you who is C. Thomas Howell?

So what is paranormal?

According to Wikipedia Paranormal is a general term that describes unusual experiences that lack a scientific explanation,[1] or phenomena alleged to be outside of science's current ability to explain or measure.[2] In parapsychology, it is used to describe the potentially psychic phenomena of telepathy, extra-sensory perception, psychokinesis, ghosts, and hauntings. The term is also applied to UFOs, some creatures that fall under the scope of cryptozoology, purported phenomena surrounding the Bermuda Triangle, and other non-psychic subjects.[3] Stories relating to paranormal phenomena are found in popular culture and folklore, but the scientific community, as referenced in statements made by organization such as the United States National Science Foundation, contends that scientific evidence does not support paranormal beliefs.[4]

The group I am part of basically Ghost Hunts. We don't like to be called Ghost Busters it is a big No no. We will not come in and take your ghost home with us and put him in our storage locker. if you call or e-mail us we will come and bring in all out toys and tell you if we think you might have a ghost or if you have old pipes. The Group I am part of will come into your home with an open mind. But we are also looking at what else could cause that.


Does the wind cause the door to swing shut?Or do you step on the floor boards and it causes the door to shut?
Is that sound the pipes?
Is someone off their medication? Or taking more than they should?
In that picture is someone smoking? Is it their hair? Did you know that like 90% of the time that orb is a bug or dust.

And there are the things that we stop and say WTF was that? There are just some things we see and hear that make us wonder.

So yes I Ghost Hunt that is what for me being into paranormal investigation is all about. That is the boiled down version. I have a digital voice recorder and a point and shoot camera. Next on my to buy list is an EMF detector But if any of you out would like to gift to me an inferred camera I will gladly forward you my mailing address. I will also answer your questions.

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