Monday, April 06, 2009


Today when my Boos took me and my co-worker to lunch at Wendy's. He told me, I need to be finished with Domino's by May 1st. I did not have this euphoric "THANK YOU JESUS!!!!" feeling I expected. I am terrified.

I called the worlds best baby sister and told her how I was feeling. She told me " He's your Boss and maybe he needs your focus totally on this PA (Personal Assistant) thing."

I am getting my raise apparently May 1st I don't know how much and I am scared. Scare to do this on one job. I know I have been wanting one job for 2 years now. But the thought of doing it on one scares the shit out of me. The economy is in the toilet in case you missed the news lately. So its not like I can just go back out and find a second job that bends to my crazy life style or hell a second job at all.

So this great elation, the joy , the thrill I wanted to have. The feelings I was sure I would have. I don't. I re dated my resignation letter today and it brought me no joy. I have had plans for my resignation blog for over a year this was not how I was going to tell you all I had one job this was not in my plan this must be where God Laughs do you hear him?

Top Mom the answer to your question is coming.

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