Monday, February 02, 2009

Your Letter

You all know when I go deep cleaning in drawers and what not you are all in trouble because I am going to find something and it is going to bring back a flood of memories and you are going to have to hear about it.

I was looking for my 2007 taxes which I had tore up the house trying to find. I had looked under my bed , in my dresser , in the closest , in my file cabinet and even in the attic I went through my desk once more and could not find my taxes but I did find a white envelope without anything on at but something in it. SO I opened it and read it. It was a love letter. From a man I at one time cared very deeply for things happened and we each moved on. So when I got this love letter from him long after we had both moved on it came as a bit of a shock. I don't know that after I got the letter if I was fair to him or if we were fair to each other. Or maybe if it came down to the past had done to much to each of us. Who we were still wouldn't let it work. I wouldn't let it work. I never doubted his feelings. But I think about him and hope he is well and happy. We have not spoken in sometime. Sadly that can be for the best. I wonder if it is? I often hope when I visit Chattanooga I will run into him. He is just one of those people I want to know is OK. So tucked in a drawer in a plain white envelope is the profession of his love.

Anyway it just got me in thinking. I did find my taxes in the garage. WTF?!?!
But I do still have your letter and Porfiler was a great time.

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Ferngoddess said...

Ok so my own comment I also wonder if it would be wrong to contact him or if things are best left as they are. I don't want anyone to get hurt.