Sunday, February 15, 2009

No Table

This year there was no table for ONE. Don't get all squeally on me and think I met someone that would not be the case.I decided I could either afford to go to Mobile for Mardi Gras with some girlfriends or spend that money on dinner for myself. So I did not go out all dressed up alone for Valentines Day. I freakin worked. I was supposed to deliver pizza but this weekend at job one has been just one major disaster after another and I would have had to cancel my dinner reservations anyway. Not that I was any less ticked off. So I spent valentines day not meeting with my Paranormal Group ( which I have missed the last 3 months we met because of freakin work) not having lunch with some GF like we planned but working and very very grumpy. Because I was stuck at job One long enough that I could not go to job two so I lost money because hey I am on freakin salary.

There was no wow I am wonderful, I love me ,I am great this year. There was a large amount of self pity , loathing and all around grumpiness. But I lived. I am still in a sour ass mood. Thursday can not get soon enough. And if one person ask how was your Valentine's day I might just punch them in the face. So how the hell are you?

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America's Next Top Mommy said...

So how was your...

...just kidding.

*tiptoes quietly out of the blog*