Monday, November 10, 2008


So if I was to tell you I saw a UFO would you believe me? Well here it is the UFO I saw. OK OK I know I know it is not really a UFO but it makes me think about well hell lots of shit. I have been lazy and have not posted a picture in a while so I thought why not post the picture of the UFO from the parking lot carnival they had set up in the Kroger parking lot. I wanted to see if I could get some cool pictures with my camera. Yep I am a sucky photographer I need to add that to my 43things be a better photographer. I have like 39 things on my list of 43things. You can do one on line like me and be all cool and what not. I know you are breathing easier now. Like WHOA I could be a cool kid. Which I never was and really pride myslef on not being but being me. Well I am babbling again. I know that your lifes goal is to be cool like me. So if you add 43things you'll be half way there. Though I will tell you my 43things that are really 39 things is not under ferngoddess but ferngirl4 so why don't you go to 43things do a 43things and then come back and tell me I did 43things and this is my screen name or better yet do 43things then go to Random and Odd and post a comment there and Kristine will be like WTF are you people posting shit about 43things on my site.
OK don't really go to R&O and post 43things.

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