Tuesday, November 04, 2008


I have been trying to figure out what I wanted to do today. How I wanted to handle the project of showing my vote from over at Random and Odd. I voted a few weeks ago. I have had a lot of thoughts in my head. When I voted I was really debating about waiting for today so I could get in on the excitement of it all. My right to vote is not something I take for granted despite being a pinko fascist communist liberal.

So I wanted to remind you kind folk out there that I as a women have only had the right to vote for 88 years. In the grand scheme of things that is not long. SO today I voted because that is a right that women have not had long.

Here in the South African-Americans have only had equal voting rights since 1965. People that is 43 years ago We kept people from voting based on the color of their skin. We gave them a test to judge if they should be allowed to vote and then still got to decide if they would be allowed to vote no matter what the results.

Today I wonder if Martin Luther King Jr. was alive what would he say about what is happing in the US tonight? Does this line up with his DREAM?

My sister took the day off of work to drive people to the polls to vote.

I know 7 new citizens of the United States who voted in there very first Presidential Election.

I know men and women who are severing this country so we can vote.
I have no picture because you are my picture. America is my picture. You all are my VOTE.
Each person who drove people to the polls. Each person who died fighting for the rights of United States Citizens. Each person who stood in line for a few minutes or a few hours , and each person who voted for the first time today. YOU ARE THE PICTURE

That goes here.


christina ina said...

Well said! I agree with you 100%. Very awesome.

I voted.

Free Spirit said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. What you wrote on my blog was great. That is a sweet story. I am not a citizen and was not allowed to vote but I wish I could. I will now consider getting my citizenship and will be able to vote in the next one and have soemthing big to celebrate. Hey can you help my son with a project. Check out this link on my blog. hope you can play.


Free Spirit said...

okay i thought about you while listening to Obama's speech. Ilearnt from you that woman were only allowed to vote for 88years. See my blog to see a clip from his speech abou the 106 yrs old black woman.