Wednesday, June 14, 2006


It seems once again that our terribly out of touch Congress has once again allowed its self to get a raise while a large portion of their continuants live hand to mouth. Minimum wage has been at $5.15 for ten years. Yet some how Congress is getting a fat raise for the sixth year in a row, for what I don’t have a clue. Their performance in no way merits an increase of 2% which is an increase of $3,000 which they call a cost of living raise. Where in the HELL is my cost of living raise? Over the last six years some how your cost of living has gone up but mine has not? How is that? How is it that in the last Ten years your cost of living has gone up at least six times but you manage to ignore the fact that people living in the areas you represent have a need to earn more? When is the last time one of you spent a full night and day in the average neighborhoods your district? When is the last time that you had to work for an hourly wage and try and feed your family? Pay rent and then think about health care? When? You are all a Disgrace to the hard working people of the United States and I suggest that you all start looking for a new job because as far as I am concerned you are going to need it!

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