Tuesday, May 02, 2006


I had such a wonderful time with my sister in Missouri. I spent Friday sitting by the lake reading a book. I moved inside after lunch when it became too cold to be outside. We had a chance to talk and laugh. She had a friend going though a hard time and we brought her into our fold and bonded with her as well. We visited St. Louis twice and rode to the top of the Arch on a very windy day as it swayed noticeably from the inside like being on a boat that moved with the waves only this ship is 630 feet off the ground. We even hit the casinos thought the excitement in a Missouri casino leaves a lot to be desired and if I were you I would wait till I got to Nevada. As I was preparing for my trip the thought deep in my mind was how I miss sisterhood. Now it is ever more present and in the forefront of my thoughts. Not just time with my sister by true sisterhood with other women who you can bond with at such a special and deep level. Don’t get me wrong I adore all the men in my life and love each one of them but the bond of women is different and I miss that, I yearn for the kind of time women spend together bonding souls. I don’t have that here and I have not had it in sometime. Perhaps it is what if any one thing is missing from my life SISTERHOOD. Libby said, “Well go out and get you some girlfriends” like you can find them at Target next to the candles. I wish it were so easy. It never has been that easy for me. But this is not my point. I want that bond like I had with college friends over late night cups of coffee at IHOP or glasses of wine while laughing till you cry on someone’s couch.

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Bohemian Girl said...

i get it. i so get it.

when i moved here it took me more than a few years to connect with some women. i found it so much easier in northern california to do that than here in southern cali.

i have found true comfort in my blogging sisterhood as well. i hope you find that here...

thank you, sister, for your wonderful comment on my blog today. my eyes filled with tears and it just gives me more purpose in my life, you know?

warm hug...