Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Do's and Don't s

OKAY so I am really into stealing ideas from other people’s blogs and I don’t even know this beautiful sprit I came across her blog while browsing through bogs and was just drawn to her and her sprit. Give her blog a look But on with her idea that I stole from her Blog
Do’s and Don’t s I also here by challenge all of you to do your very own Do and Don’t List:

I do love baths
I don’t have the patients to sit in the tub

I do love the Mountains
I don’t care for the beach

I do miss smoking
But I don’t

I do love the quite in the house first thing in the morning
I don’t like a lot of noise

I do love card and board games
I don’t like video games

I do love plants and flowers
I don’t have a green thumb

I do need to be more organized
I don’t have a plan

I do want children
I don’t want to do that without a husband

I do love to cook
I don’t have time to eat it all

I do love the “Conversations with God” Series
I don’t like Romance Novels

I do love my terry cloth bathrobe
I don’t often wear my satin one

I do want a better relationship with my Mother
I don’t cry over it any more

I do love Sushi
I don’t like liver (bluck)
I do admit to reading “He’s just not that into you”
I don’t mind hurting who ever laughs at me

I do love scented candles, oils and incense
I don’t like the smell of patchouli

I do love hot teas
I don’t like hot cider

I do love thunderstorms
I don’t like lighting hitting my house

I do love to cuddle
I don’t like sleeping with an arm under my head/neck

I do think I have made some major mistakes I don’t regret one of them.

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