Friday, May 12, 2006

From nothing to Something

I have started this blog today with the idea I have something to say and nothing comes. I don’t know that I would call it writers block It is just I am taking my lunch and have nothing better to do. My friend Jon looked over this used laptop I might buy told me I would not get a better deal for what he was asking but if I had more money I could get a new computer that was not an Acer. I have it but I also have debt I could pay off. I have been mulling it all over and I just keep going back and forth on the whole thing new computer, shut up Discover.

Carl and Abe will be leaving next week if everything with their closing goes well. I have enjoyed having them around it has been nice to have people to talk to every night. Plus the fact that Carl cooks dinner and cleans the kitchen I could get used to that. But what it has brought to mind is all those little things you don’t think about when you live alone that other people do that make you nuts. Now it is not just them it has been other people who have lived with me. You just plan forget those little things which add up to big things and cause a fight all because you could not say hey there Joe would you mind not parking your car on the lawn. You wait then blow the hell up with all those little nit picky things that are like fingernails on a chalkboard to you personally. I think it all goes form small to big and each person has his or her own limit of what is ok and what makes you want to find a bat and hit Joe repeatedly up side the head. Now just a few of mine are:

The way the dishwasher is loaded if you do it right and take your time you only have to run it once or twice a week. I am so picky I will go back through and rearrange all the dishes and fit them in there right. Thus making room for another day or two of dishes, maybe more.

The way the dishes are put up in the cabinet if you do this right coffee cups don’t hang on the edge of the shelf and fall on your head when you open the door. The plates should be stacked on the shelf by size from the smallest to the largest. ( I have very little cabinet space).

Turn off a light when you are done in a room.

I love sunlight leave the curtains open.

Don’t leave your sex toys in the common bathroom

Don’t steal from me

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