Wednesday, January 20, 2010


So my new not so new lap top puts out quite a bit of heat. So much heat that it burns my legs. So I put a book in my lap. It warped the book. I know they make those little cooling things that go under them to fan them and all that computer stuff that I am not going to claim to understand.
This is for the 7 of you out there will openly admit to reading me.

What do you use on your lap top? Or well under it when it is in your lap? There was this story about lap tops killing sperm which well is not a problem for me. But the marks on my legs are.

Any tips?

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stephlys said...

they technically are called notebook computers now because you can't really use them on your lap without hurting yourself. i too learned this lesson the hard way. i have one of the white cooler fans you can get at best buy. the targus one sux. i can't remember the name of the brand I like. a fan is very important.