Saturday, December 05, 2009

In an attempt

In a major attempt on my part to relax and let go I am letting someone else make and bring something to the Christmas Party. I asked Pam for the recipe and she said I'll make it for you. So I said OK. It wasn't easy. And it stresses me out to no end. But it is done.

I also don't like to ask guest to bring things because Hell you are guest. I am the host. Plus I love love love to cook.

And then of course you have those people who say they will bring something and then they just freaking don't like the time I made home made lasagna and had people over. Everyone was supposed to bring something. The person that was supposed to bring the Salad showed up and said they just decided not to bring it. Which for someone like me just pushes me over the edge and makes me bat shit crazy.

But I am letting go. DEEP BREATHS.

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