Wednesday, December 09, 2009

did you forget

Did you forget to RSVP? I mean come on you know you want to be here for my party. And I promise if you show up I wont make you take out the trash. What is it about sending out a freakin RSVP that people don't get. I know Emily Post just rolled over in her grave. I know the people that live in other States are not coming. I get that I love them and want them to know I am thinking of them but YOU live on the other side of town. I sent out 40 invites 10 have responeded. But if you still want to come and bring a friend do. Unless it is your nasty gf/bf I am only polite because of you. Other wise I would hit em with a bat.

So come to my party and I swear I wont hit her with a bat I will be all kinds of sweet.

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