Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Did I tell you all that this year at my Annual Christmas Party we are collecting funds for 1-800-Suicide. Earlier this year a friend of myself and Sanford my co-host, took his own life after a life long battle with depression. The Demons finally won. Sanford and Mike were BFF.

It has been hard on the group. But Sanford was talking to me about our Annual Christmas Party and he suggested some kind of suicide prevention network. Then he wanted to back down. I had to really encourage him that we needed to go through with this. We always invite large numbers of people and Mike's Mother is always there. He didn't want to do this and her be there and break her heart or hurt her feelings.

I just kept encouraging him to call and ask her. He did not want this to be a sad time for her. Then he made the call. I know this was not easy for him. But he asked. "Would you be OK with it if we collected money for 1-800-Suicide this year? " She told him it would be fine and if we wanted to collect the money in Mike's memory that would be a great idea.

I think Sanford was in shock for many reasons.

Do I think Mike's Mom will get trough the party with out tears. No. But I do hope that the money we get can save the next Mike.

I have a bigger question and maybe you can help. Do I put out a picture of Mike? We are collecting the money in his memory. What do you guys think.

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Libby said...

I'm voting no on the picture. I'm sure you remember, Fern Goddess, when years ago I saw a picture of a recently departed friend on Christmas Day. He had been gone two months but seeing his face was so unexpected I was unprepared and started weeping. People might not be prepared for facing their departed friend face to face...