Friday, June 20, 2008


Kristine over at Random and Odd asked us to post a picture of Youth.

" June 20 -Youth. A child isn’t actually needed at all for this picture. Capture something that means ‘youth’ to you. Mine, hands down are roller skates. I can still smell the cotton candy and feel the butterflies in my stomach thinking about the ’snowball dance’."

When I was young my of my favorite things to do was to lay in the back yard under the weeping willow. This was a spot where I dreamed about tomorrow. My life as a grown up, the man I would marry , the children I would have. It is a spot of my youth.

Did you play?


Christie said...

when I was little I always wanted a weeping willow tree... :)

happy spf

LisaS said...

we didn't have one, but my dad's best friend did. we used the long branches as Indiana Jones style whips, horse reins ....

great SPF!

Army of Mom said...

That is a really good one!!!

I sort of played without calling it SPF ... mine is Hot Hot Hot Rod. :)

~Easy said...

Oh, nicely played. What a great tie in, and an awesome memory. Thanks for sharing.

(I played)