Friday, June 06, 2008

SPF~ Eyes of a Child

June 6: Through the eyes of a child.
If you have a child; Allow the child to take your camera and find something they like to take a picture of. Do not prompt them on what to take, leave them to themselves to pick it.
If you do NOT have a child…you lucky bastards; Get down on your stomach or knees, about the height of child or baby and see what you see from there point of view.

Well I am single with no kids and I was trying to figure out how I was going to make this work. Then last night I remembered I was a kid once, with a camera no less. I had a Holly Hobbie 126 with one of those disposable 4 sided flashes. I loved that camera. So I took all kinds of pictures with it. I have not gotten much better with a camera but at least now I don't to devlope them to know they suck.

This is through the eyes of me as a child.

What a flash back. This was maybe Spring or summer 1980 and I would have been 9. This was in the court yard out side our Church.
The handsome devil in the red sport jacket is my dad, beinde him os Allen Bridges who by a 9 years olds standers in 1980 was hot, the little blonde is our neighbor Megan , then of course is my favorite sister in the whole wide world , Libby.

Did you play?


suzan said...

Very clever SPF! I'm also impressed that you were able to find the photo too.

I played.

Christie said...

ha! great photo!

love it

Happy SPF

Teena in Toronto said...

Very creative! I don't have kids either.

I played too :)

Viviane said...

How cool! I don't think I'd be able to find any pictures I took as a kid.
I played too!

~Easy said...

That's very cool!! Nice play!