Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Another one bites the dust

Single and 39. It is not as fun as one might think. But I was having fun about 2 weeks ago when I went to a beer tasting. I have been a part of The Nashville Beer Society for some time but when the meetings roll around on Thursdays once a month I am wiped out and don’t even want to think about leaving. But this was at a home and the environment was going to be relaxed and it was on Friday. So I ran by the J. Barleycorns Beer Store and grabbed a six pack of Smithwicks , one of my new favorite beers.
Oh my point. I meet a lot really nice people and was my normal funny as hell self. A handsome man had taken a set on my right and was laughing at all my jokes he moved closer to me and would lean in and laugh as I joked my way though. He thought my joke about learning how to fold laundry in prison was a gas. Each time he would get up to get something else to eat or drink he would return to the spot he was at where I was holding court. The as the evening came to close he said goodnight to everyone ad was gone. As in you turn and are like where the hell did he go? My friend who runs the Beer Society asked “He didn’t get your number?, I sure thought he would have he was really into you.”
I was like umm what did I do? I SWEAR I didn’t bite him.

So yet another straight man runs screaming from me. At least this one stayed for a beer.
On a sad note the next day the rain and floods hit. The host and hostess had their neighborhood flood they had water about 3 ½ feet at their backdoor. As I understand they were able to sand bag and keep it out of their home. Their neighbors were not so lucky.

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