Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Tongue tied

Sometimes I feel like when I write I trip over my own words. I don't know if the point I am trying to make comes across right. I have never been a good writer.
Earlier today I commented on a blog. I was trying to convey that sometimes when people say things that may seem cruel or insensitive it is not out of insensitivity but out of a lack of not knowing what to say. Or a not knowing a person and saying what they would want to hear. Because we are all in different places in our lives and have learned different lessons. So if someone says " That is too bad." Or "It's God's will." alalalala. But I didn't say that. And I am not sure I explained myself well. So maybe I should not have said anything. I commented on the blog because this woman is so totally amazing and I have found such strength in her words and story. That was what I wanted to say...

I would include her link here but I still don't have that down.

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penny said...


i read your comment on boho girls blog and i think you made your point beautifully.

more than anything else i am sure she would have appreciated you taking the time and thought to write something special.