Sunday, November 19, 2006

How I would have done it

Though I am not going to bring up names of what the Title is about I am sure you all have seen the news and know the slimy Son of Bitch I am talking about. He does not desirve the attention he is getting. But it has made me think. I would have finished college when I had the chance. I have always used protection. I would not been so up tight. I would see where my fault lies in it. I would enjoy time with friends and not pull myself away and hide within myself. How would you have done it? Edited to add: Now we don't have to worry about how he would have done it. HAHA evil S.O.B. But still if you have an "it" as long it is not Murder. How would you have done it?

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stephlys said...

I would have not taken everything so seriously, would have followed the Dead for at leat one summer, would have cut J some slack but would have spent far more time single, would have left grad school after the first semester, and would have stayed unemployed longer after I quit my job to travel. I also would have worked harder to keep the friendships I've made but jetisoned the bad ones sooner (not you of course).