Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Rolling in the mud with Pigs

What is the deal with you men? People ask me all the time why I hang out with gay men and it is because 90% of the straight men I know are freakin PIGS! I went out for drinks last Saturday night with a guy who was supposed to be my friend. I have told him repeatedly that I don’t want anything more from him than friends this is clear is it not? He has said he will take what ever I offer. On the way home he kept trying to hold my hand. I kept patting his and giving him back his hand. I was tried and had said this he kept trying to find a way to stay at my house like sit in the yard and look at stars, PLEASE! We get back to my house he walks me to my door I give him a hug and hey thanks for the night. The he gabs me again and does that head tilt lean in thing, OMG, I have to push him off of me as a pull my head back and look at him like he is nuts. I get him off me and step in my house say good night and shut the door and lock it.
What is the freakin deal? I am a nice person if you are a friend male or female I will bend over backwards for you. I will do shit just to be nice because I am that kind of a gal. I give my heart and soul to all my friends. I send you cards and buy shit for you just because I am thinking of you. It does not mean shit except hey I dig you as a person. Why do some men get this and others don’t? Why does one male friend get that when I buy his lunch and give him a cheesey card and gift that goes with the card get that we are friends and I am thanking him for a really cool thing he did and another think that because I listen to him that this means I want to sleep with him? If I were as nice to the second as I was to the first hell I would have been in major trouble?
HEY guy one favor lemon guy thank you for the RESPCT !!! It is so flattering to be treated that way by a guy and know that you don’t have to be on guard all the time. You are tops! I hope you know that. I was thrilled to find someone like you and call you friend.
GUY two drop dead!

Now I have more than two straight male friends, guy two is not really one anymore, there is the one that gave me money after I lost my job to make ends meet. He does not want shit. Except a place to sleep when he is hung out to dry. Thank you for the RESPECT.
Where are you guys the nice ones that don’t want to force themselves on me? Huh tell me. I need to get that Pigs, jack asses apply here tattoo removed from my forhead.

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