Saturday, October 24, 2009

The stuff movies are made of

Well here we sit again I have been thinking. To get the H1N1 shot or not. I have never gotten a flu shot EVER. When they talk about how everyone should get this shot and the fast rate it was developed I stop and think of that Will Smith movie ( it was a book first)I am Legend you know where they give people a shot to cure cancer and everyone turns into vampire like flesh eating monsters. And I say hell I don't want to be a a vampire like flesh eating monster. I also stop and think of the whole Katrina debacle where everyone and there brother said GET THE HELL OUT as the storm of the Century bared down on them.

So to me I feel caught in this great debate do I get this shot and later find out it is the pox blankets , the agent orange, the asbestos of this time or do I not get it and later as I am on my death bed sick as a damn dog wish I had gone and gotten the shot.

I don't know but I have been thinking..

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