Monday, August 03, 2009

Finding a rhythm

I was at the gym again this morning around 5:30. The night before I got together my gym cloths, shower and make-up stuff, packed up breakfast and lunch, and got together and ironed my cloths for work. I did not think about a snack and I have been about to gnaw my fingers off for the last hour. I am trying to stop with chips. I LOVE CHIPS!!

This morning I got myself up and out the door then I realized I didn't have my top. It was hanging on the door in my bedroom. Oops can't make do without that so I had to turn around and go back home. I am going to need to spend the next few weeks getting down a what works and what doesn't thing. Deciding what I will wear the night before. Going to bed earlier than I have been and getting everything in order the night before. Which means if I have something that either does not fit or is stained and I forgot I am going to be royally screwed because I am at the gym.

It does not help matters that there is a McDonald's across the street and the grease is calling my name to reapply it self to my thighs.

I will tell you that I enjoyed every burger, milkshake , potato chip that got me to this point.

I am also trying to get down a good rhythm for doing weights and cardio of course it can't really be a rhythm I have to keep my body guessing but give it time to rest also.

So the plan is this:

Get Organized and get stuff together to grab and run out the door
Maintain slight amount of A.D.D. in workout

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Eric Hegwer said...

Here's my tip: Take your driver's license out of your wallet and bring it with you to the gym - not your entire bag full of credit cards, and cash.