Sunday, July 15, 2007

Still kicking

After more than a month away I am going to stick my toes back into the blogging pool. I have fallen off the walking thing about two or three weeks ago. Yes, I am a loser I am going to get back at it tomorrow.

I have been five years without activity dating. I have had a few dates here and there but nothing I wanted to take someplace. I thought I had found someone I could date. All be it he was much younger than I am, I was going to give it go I had known him for 5 years and was excited about getting to know him better and all that wonderful stuff that comes along with being in a relationship. Comes to find he had not broken up with his Girl Friend like he told me he had he was still engaged to her. She intercepted an email I sent him about us getting together. I was upset I think more at losing a friend than not having someone to date. People who know me know that I am guarded and to have that used when you let down your guard is hard. But this to I shall survive. He is not the first man to have lied to me and lord knows he wont be the last.

I have joined a book club and am reading and getting out a little more. Not being such a hermit. I am still working two jobs though but I am trying to make some changes to my life and be more social.

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stephlys said...

I'm moving my blog. Email me and I'll give you access if you want it.