Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Table for One

I have taken to really appreciating myself and enjoying my time loving me. So again this year I made a Dinner Reservation at Mambu here in Nashville and took myself out to eat. I came home early from work , took a nap , then did a mud mask before taking a long soak in the tub ( OK not that long I am so impatient) while listening to some cool Jazz tunes. I painted my toe nails fixed my face and my hair and drove myself out for my Valentines Dinner. With me.
It is such a liberating experience and I enjoy it!!! I am in hog heaven.
I don't think I have ever realized the freedom of letting go of old feelings than I do with Valentines Day. I used to use this day to dress in Black and I would spend all day in what I called mourning. Because I was mourning the lack of a love life. But all that time I missed something , ME. Not anymore.
But I have a life and I have love. I love , I am love. My goal , my intention is to love myself every day like I have today. And always enjoy my Table for One.

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