Wednesday, December 13, 2006

A letter to Santa

Dear Santa,

I have been a pretty good girl this year. But no child is perfect right? I’ll do better next year I swear. But there are a few things I want:

I want a new President. The one I have now sucks. He has hurt a lot of people and murdered thousands.

I want a digital Camera.

I want no one else to die as we “forge ahead” let The President and his elves go over there with guns and play if they want to “ forge ahead” so badly.

I want Health Insurance I can’t afford it and eat too. Somehow everyone ever elected to a public office has free health insurance for life and here I sit with out it. I thought their job was to protect me?

I want a higher minum wage. $5.15 an hour is not a living wage but the boneheads in The Senate and Congress somehow get a raise every year. Minum wage has not been raised in Ten years. Can you fix this?

I want EQUAL RIGHTS for all humans. I thought I lived in America in 2006. How can hate laws pass in this day and age?

I want to meet Oprah she is pretty rockin.

I want the Tennessee Department of Human Services fixed why will we take dogs out of a home because it is to nasty for them but leave a disabled child?

I want to vote for once and not have to pick the less slimy of two candidates.

I want all the soldiers that are returning from “war” to not suffer the rest of their lives with nightmares about what they saw and did.

I want to be more peaceful.

And while you’re at it….

I want a husband too. A good one, not a used one. He must be kind, honest, generous, funny, employed, have a strong mind, be respectful, and have good manners.
He must be able to hold me when I cry and cuddle when we watch TV. He should be an awesome lover and he should not mind PDA’s such as holding hands, putting his arm around me, or sweet kisses.
He should understand the importance of being honest about his feelings and sharing them with me for this will be how we will grow.
He needs to remember the small things without me having to tell him. Like how I take my tea and how I order my coffee form Starbucks. And that flowers just because are the best. The big things to Like our Anniversary, my birthday and why ‘I’ll be home for Christmas’ makes me ball like a baby.
He needs to understand why walking in a gentle rain in the summer is where flash backs of childhood come from and new memories are made. He should be able to pick up after himself. Cook a meal and clean up. And it would be a plus if he could fix my computer I am gonna mess it up. Love , Fern

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