Friday, April 14, 2006

And you thought your day sucked

In August of last year, as some of you may rememebr, my cat of 13 years passed away one morning. I could not bring myself to see him or to bury him so the roommates I had at the time did it for me. They left soon after and I never learned where he had been buried until today. I was out mowing the lawn and I found his skull in a shallow grave. I am not sure what I should do at this point. There is a fence and woods behind my house and just tossing it over the fence does not appeal to me. I need to do something to honor him and keep it …. What’s the word? Honorable, sacred. Needles to say I need to finish mowing the grass to and not well you get the idea.

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Robert said...

I'm very sorry. If it was me, I would place the bones in a couple of plastic bags and re-bury them in a deeper grave in a nice spot on the property. You could plant some flowers or a small tree in memory.

I'm sorry I'm not closer or I would help you or take care of it for you.

My thoughts are with you.