Thursday, February 09, 2006

Letting The cat out of the bag

Not that the cat was in I just have not be really fourth coming about how things are going. I have not wanted to say anything to soon about it all for fear of the big jinks. Murphy's Law is a bitch sometimes and I should know we have been on a very personal basis. As you may or may not know I have been working two part time jobs one delivering piazza's for a major chain the other I got almost as soon as I "lost" my other job. One of the Nurses at the Agency I worked for before has had his own staffing agency for several years. He has been wanting to expand to get his own provider license for Long Term Supports ( Group Homes) and Professional Support Services (Nursing ). This would allow him to 1) open his own homes and give supported living and nursing care to Individuals w/ Developmental disabilities 2) bill the State of Tennessee for the nursing care he already gives instead of billing the agency's that he gives the service to. When I "lost" my job I came back by the office to let my friend help me with my resume on the weekend after. Once it was finished I dropped it into this nurses chair he called that Monday , interviewed me in the parking lot on Tuesday and by Wednesday or Thursday I was working for him. I am rather proud of the turn around. So I have polished both of the applications that he and other people he has hired ( and failed) have been working on for over 2 years , Written and edited Human Recourses Policies, and The Policy and Procedure Manual ( I did use other peoples policies I will not lie, but heck it is hard work.) Now among all the other duties I have been assigned I have been sent to training for a train the trainer. This allows me to teach all incoming staff and recertification old staff on most required training for the State of Tennessee. I am going next month to the Red Cross to be a certified CPR/ First Aid/ AED Instructor. The only classes I am unable to teach are those that require an RN ( Medication Administration , seizure etc.) I am still not full time. But the application I submitted to the State to provide services should go to be signed next week if it is not missing anything. But it is looking good. I thought that Goddess would make a good title. Now does anyone know how to make paragraphs here on Blog Spot. I have tried in vain to do enter and it is not working any clues would be helpful.

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